Printing Services

Printing Services

Pre-Press & Proofing

Our state-of-the-art pre-press department has a team of experienced technicians, fully versed in standard graphic arts software, including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, etc.
We accept most files through our FTP site here, (go to Send a File), or by email if it's a smaller file. Another slower option is to copy your files onto a CD/DVD/Thumbdrive and send to us by Fed-ex or USPS.
Files received are checked for any possible problems, set up for press, and proofed out for approval, prior to making printing plates.

Full Color Printing, CMYK and more!

Our state-of-the-art Pressroom operates with all Heidelberg Presses, with one through six-color capabilities, in small, medium and large format sheet sizes, depending on the needs of each job.

Our skilled press operators each have many years of experience in print production and color management on press, this ensures quality and consistency on each job.

We also offer short run digital printing on our state-of-the-art full color machines in house.

Spot Color Printing

Spot printing provides depth to your project by adding one or two additional colors in key locations on the page. Spot colors can be added to any standard one, two, or four-color project. They're great for overprinting logos, company colors, and other key elements that require exceptional color accuracy.

Two-Color Printing

Two-color printing uses two colors of ink (most often black and a second color) to create a dramatic contrast for a variety of printing needs. Less expensive than full-color printing, two-color printing is often used for business cards, flyers, brochures, letterhead, stationery, envelopes, and other similar office or business documents, to produce an eye-catching image at a competitive price.

Studies show that two-color printing is more effective at attracting attention than its one-color counterpart. We have hundreds of ink colors to choose from and can even create a custom-mix for you.

B&W Digital Printing

We have the capabilities to produce big copy jobs very quickly. Our commercial-quality, high-speed copy equipment provides high-quality images at a surprisingly low cost!

When you need fast, inexpensive copies of higher quality than you can get on your office copy machines, give us a call. We're ready to help!

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